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We provide an official receipt, accepted by most insurance companies. We also take the time to guide you towards government incentives and subsidy programs for which you may be eligible. Contact us today to get advice from our experts!


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    Chimney Sweeping

    An annual thorough chimney cleaning is required by your insurance company, whether you use dry wood or not. This complete maintenance allows the removal of creosote or soot build-up on the chimney walls that could cause a fire. 

    Our chimney sweeping experts provide a complete range of services that are recognized by insurance companies:

    • Cleaning your fireplace, wood stove or heating system chimney
    • Cleaning your fireplace, firebox, smoke chamber and draft control
    • Cleaning your wood stove and all flue connections
    • Visual inspection of your chimney
    • Provide a summary report of the condition of your system

    We are professionally equipped to guarantee a job well done, without any dirt in your home. Entrust the complete cleaning of your chimney to our certified technicians for outstanding results!

    Visual Chimney Inspection

    Very helpful when buying a house, a visual evaluation of the chimney can detect potential problems before they occur. It also ensures that the chimney functions properly and lasts longer, while being environmentally friendly. This work, performed with professional equipment, should be done by a qualified chimney sweep, independently of the pre-purchase inspection. 

    Our certified chimney inspection and sweeping technicians are available to perform a visual assessment:

    • Assessment of your home’s overall chimney condition
    • Identification of your chimney maintenance or repair options
    • Estimation of chimney repair costs
    • Tips on how to properly maintain your chimney

    Avoid unpleasant surprises with a complete visual assessment of your chimney. Choose our experts for professional service and personalized advice.

    Chimney Caps

    Essential to prevent blockage and deterioration, your chimney cap must be in perfect condition. If it is poorly installed, rusted or broken, weather, birds’ nests, bats and even raccoons could damage your chimney’s interior and, eventually, your home.

    Our chimney cleaning and maintenance technicians have everything  you need to:

    • Visually assess the current condition of the chimney cap
    • Recommend repair or replacement
    • Provide support in the selection of a chimney cap
    • Install stainless steel chimney caps (rustproof)

    In addition to a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, our chimney caps come with a spark arrestor. That is a good way to prevent flying embers and to correct some flue backdraft issues. Contact us now to replace your chimney cap!

    Cement Crown or Metal Crown Covers

    All chimneys should have a cement crown or a contour box in good condition. Otherwise, water can seep into the brick or stone structure of the chimney and cause serious damage.

    If your chimney does not have a cement cap or if it is cracked by erosion, our team of chimney sweeping professionals can:

    • Install metal crowning.
    • Install contour box in galvalume ( choice of colours ) or stainless steel.

    Our products are selected according to the highest quality standards to provide you with peace of mind and a modern design. Trust us to install a crown that matches the colour of your shingles or roof covering.

    Fireplace Doors

    Did you know that a quality fireplace door pays for itself, and increases the security of your home? If there is one thing you should not neglect, it is the quality of your fireplace door! A custom-made door reduces condensation inside your chimney as well as heat loss when your fireplace is not in use.

    Our professional and efficient team is there to help you see things more clearly by: 

    • Taking the measurements of your home
    • Providing advice on selecting the proper door for your fireplace
    • Installing a fireplace door with a built-in spark arrestor which prevents embers or logs from falling out of the fireplace

    We offer a wide variety of fireplace doors with finishes that will match your interior design (black, brushed nickel, gold, or brass). Let us help you choose a fireplace door that is both aesthetically pleasing and airtight.

    Prefabricated Chimney

    Do you want to install an efficient and durable outdoor chimney at an affordable price? Opt for a prefabricated stainless steel chimney designed for gas or oil-fired heaters or even prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces approved with this chimney.

    Made up of prefabricated parts intended to be assembled on site, prefabricated chimneys offer a much lower installation cost than that of a traditional chimney made of brick or stone and mortar.

    Whatever model you choose, the installation of a prefabricated chimney is a guarantee of quality during harsh winters.

    • Sale and installation of prefabricated chimneys
    • Prefabricated chimney sweeping
    • Service everywhere in Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore of Montreal

    Trust the Joyeux Chimney Sweeper for the selection and installation of a prefabricated chimney that complies with the standards of the Construction Code.

    Interior Chimney Restoration

    A chimney with a cracked or disintegrating interior is no longer safe and must be restored quickly . No need to worry, we have economical and long-lasting solutions for you!

    Our experts specialize in interior chimney repairs:

    • Installing rigid or flexible stainless-steel liners
    • Replacing heat-resistant brick and mortar

    We use top-quality materials and installation techniques that guarantee a flawless job. Don’t wait for your chimney problem to get worse before calling us: the sooner we address the situation, the easier it will be to fix it. Contact us for an estimate!

    We provide an official receipt

    accepted by most insurance companies.